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Renna Orr

A Chance to Discover

Eight-year-old Renna Orr gets excited when she talks about the different camps offered through Summer Youth Programs at the University of Washington. They've allowed her to dive into topics like space exploration and different types of energy. 

When asked which camp is her favorite, eight-year-old Renna doesn't hesitate. 

"Focus on Food — because I love food!" she said. "We even learned about miracle berries." 

Renna's mom, Sandy Awakuni, also loves the engaging opportunities that Summer Youth provides for her daughter. 

"It's great that she's able to learn science and other facts in a fun setting," she said. "I think it's also good for kids to keep learning over the summer." 

For Renna, her experience in UW Summer Youth has sparked a passion that she can continue to explore in the future. 

"I might want to be a scientist," she said. 

And maybe discover new kinds of miracle berries. 

Want to spark your child's passion to learn? Check out the camps and courses offered by UW Summer Youth Programs.