Giant Puppet-Making: Design and Sculpt

Instructor: Alisha Dall'Osto and Darwin Nordin

Join us for this intensive workshop where you will design and build your own 7-foot tall parade puppet! Artists will design their own character and begin by engineering a miniature maquette of the puppet's head as well as an armature with movable limbs or features. Artists will spend most of the first week constructing a large-scale version of their model with cardboard and PVC piping. Next, artists will cover the puppet with paper mache and paint it. When complete, the head and arms of the puppet will stand several feet above the head of its puppeteer, who will be hidden beneath its cloth body. Class time will be dedicated to puppeteering and movement techniques to bring your characters to life. We will conclude with a performance event on campus for family and friends.

Meets: M-F, 1-4 p.m., August 3-14
Location: UW Seattle campus
Length: Two weeks
Cost: $415
Refund Deadline: July 6

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