Coding in Python II

Instructor: TechSmartKids*

This class expands on the computer science concepts and coding techniques learned in Coding in Python I, as students learn how to make more complex, graphics-based programs and games. Students work their way through advanced coding topics that make games possible – including procedural drawing and complex input from mouse and keyboard. Students code a variety of exercises both on their own and with the instructor that make use of these techniques to create games, visual programs and more. Computer science concepts learned in this camp include:

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  • Review of loops and conditionals
  • Code libraries
  • Randomness
  • PyGame graphics & sound libraries
  • Procedural drawings
    • Coordinates
    • Lines
    • Shapes
    • Colors
    • Animation
  • Complex input
    • Mouse clicking
    • Mouse movement
    • Keyboard input
  • Code organization & game structure
    • Event loops
    • Commenting best practices
    • Timing & timers

*About TechSmartKids

UW Summer Youth Programs is excited to partner with TechSmartKids, a local EdTech company that develops computer science curriculum, trains teachers, teaches coding classes and partners with schools and school districts to assist them in teaching computer science and coding. TechSmartKids has taught computer science and coding to over 3,800 students in the Seattle metropolitan area and is working with other large districts in Washington.

TechSmartKids' curriculum is approved by the Washington State Department of Education (OSPI) and is rigorous and engaging. It supports fully differentiated instruction and learning, ensuring that each student is challenged with the appropriate level of difficulty.

Sections are not sequential. Multiple sections are offered in an effort to accommodate more students.

Section A-1

Meets: July 10–21; 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Location: UW Seattle campus
Classes: Two weeks
Cost: $725
Refund Deadline: June 5

Section B-1

Meets: August 7–18; 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Location: UW Seattle campus
Classes: Two weeks
Cost: $725
Refund Deadline: July 5

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