Middle School


Instructors: Angela Taylor and Nicole Sanchez

For girls entering 6th through 8th grades in the fall.

Join us this summer for a unique opportunity to delve into the field of astronomy. Come learn about how stars form, live and die, and how they build up galaxies (like our home, the Milky Way). Use the tools and methods that professional astronomers use to uncover the mysteries of our universe! Students can look forward to guest speakers, a visit to the UW planetarium and activities integrating math, physics and science concepts. At the end of the session invite your family and friends to join you for our own astronomy "conference" where you can share what you have learned! A protostar is the earliest phase of star formation – and you are in the first phase of becoming an astronomer!

Why is this program "for girls only?" Research indicates that single gender environments, especially at middle school, can encourage confidence and build self-esteem. This program offers a supportive environment where middle school girls can take risks and try new things. Projects and class time will be designed to strengthen team building and nurture lasting friendships.

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Meets: August 7–18; 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Location: UW Seattle campus
Length: Two weeks
Cost: $755
Refund Deadline: July 5

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