Middle School

Electronic Circuits: Everyday Applications & Designs

Instructor: Denise Wilson

For girls entering 6th through 8th grades in the fall.

Have you ever wondered how the circuits in your cell phone, laptop, television and refrigerator are made? This one-week class will introduce students to the steps involved in designing, prototyping, building, soldering and testing electronic circuits from breadboards to printed circuit boards. Students will make circuits of their own design, including using Arduino microcontrollers to control and read signals from a variety of sensors designed to detect light, temperature, acceleration, and sound. With these skills, students will work in teams designing various components that will become part of a model “Smart Home.” The course will end with a brief introduction to the sustainability of all those electronics that populate our lives, including proper recycling and disposal of electronic waste. There are no prerequisites for the course, but students should come to class with an open mind and a willingness to participate fully in our circuit-building adventure.

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Meets: July 24–28; 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Location: UW Seattle campus
Length: One week
Cost: $570
Refund Deadline: June 21

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